They also have a free version if you don’t need all the bells and wordpress optimization ( whistles. If you just want to edit the .htaccess file from your dashboard, you can use the free WP Htaccess Editor plugin from the same authors. There’s no free plugin, including both the highly rated WP Reset and Advanced WordPress Reset, which reset WordPress Multisite installations perfectly.

If you’re looking for how to reset WordPress themes, this is it. Until now they were relegated to a WordPress underclass, using a somewhat-incompatible version called WordPress MU. I now blog full time while also selling real estate part time and investing the income from both of these businesses into rental properties to further build my passive income. Transients are WordPress options with an expiration time.

  1. Right-click the wp-config.php file and click Edit. A pop-up window will appear
  2. The unique identifier for the meta box (it does not have to match the function name),
  3. How to pick a fast WordPress theme
  4. Log in to the dashboard
  5. Go to ‘WordPress.Org‘ and download the latest version of the software

Unclassified cookies are cookies that we are in the process of classifying, together with the providers of individual cookies. Plugins are designed to add features or functionality to your site so that no matter what theme you install, the functionality of your site always stays the same. Disable all the plugins that are on your website.

This option with delete all plugins except for WP Reset, which will remain active after it deletes all the other plugins. This option will reset settings for not just your active theme, but all your installed themes. Clicking this will delete all your themes, including the active one. This will delete all the files in your /wp-content/uploads folder, including any sub-folders and files inside them. It’ll also delete all your media files. To insert media files from your synced folders into WordPress content, you can use the regular Add Media button. My WordPress account is a bit confusing as for some reason the people that helped me migrate did a new username for me…