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Colcircuitos, colombian leader in quality electronic manufacturing

We offer our clients the PCBA, comprehensive service, where we provide them from the assembly of the PCB to its final packaging. Would you like to visit us and learn about the manufacturing process?

Do you want to know how we carry out an Electroinic Integration?

We know that the future of technology lies in formation, and at Colcircuitos we are committed to creating a culture of imparting knowledge, which is why today we want to invite you to our plant so that you can learn everything about PCBA and the high quality standards, in addition to our excellent service, always preserving all the biosecurity measures

If you want to visit us and learn more about the world of electronic manufacturing, you must meet the following requirements.

Lupa - Grupo de investigacion tecnologico
Be doing a specialization or have a research group
Placa de circuito impreso PCB
Belong to the electronic or related sector
Gorro de grados - estudiantes de ultimos semestres de la carrera universitaria
Be in the last semesters of your university degree

Visiting our PCBA plant is very easy.

We can tell you how we achieved a PCBA, in addition to showing you how our collaborators are dedicated and strive to release a quality finished product and provide excellent service.

It is very simple, sign up here and we will contact you to schedule the visit with your study group, you will surely want to make your ideas come true. Don’t wait anymore!

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